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Microbiology Lab

Naturis's microbiology laboratory ensures swift testing results, reduces development durations, and accelerates the timeline to bring your product to market.

Our cohort of microbiologists employs universally accepted testing methods catered for a broad spectrum of product substrates and antimicrobial technologies.

Bacteria Testing

Naturis Labs and third party Metrocal performs a wide range of qualitative and quantitative testing to validate antibacterial efficacy.

Samples are evaluated utilizing both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria to ensure broad spectrum performance. Common test methods include 

Mold Testing

Naturis Labs conducts industry standard mold testing to validate antifungal efficacy. Samples are evaluated utilizing nutrient challenge protocols or in the fungal chamber, which simulates environmental conditions. Common test methods include AATCC TM 30 Pt III and ASTM G-21.

Bioactive Silver Certification

Alternative products are not required by law to follow any FDA regulations. Any type of colloidal silver or Ionic silver is not a mineral supplement nor can be registered or get a sanitary registration (certificado sanitario), because is an alternative product.

There are many misleading producers with very little understanding of the science behind colloidal silver that swear to posses a sanitary registration, nothing can be further from the thruth, these so called "sanitary registrations" do exist and are valid, but after further inspection and checking it's originality you'll be surprised to see it belongs to drinkable water (agua de mesa) and not colloidal silver.  Sanitary registrations for colloidal silver do exist and are heavily regulated only for external use an NOT for internal use.