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Established in 2001 Fort Lauderdale Florida, Naturis Labs embarked on a mission to address antimicrobial challenges related to materials and specialty surface products. Over the years, our organization has grown exponentially, venturing into numerous product categories and expanding our presence (South America).

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The convergence of the global pandemic and increasing demand for environmental accountability is reshaping the trajectory of plastic products. With 72% of consumers expressing concerns about bacteria exposure and 85% actively seeking eco-friendly options, manufacturers worldwide are focusing on developing intelligent products that address both cleanliness and sustainability concerns.

The transition in engineering towards prioritizing durability necessitates that manufacturers adopt high-quality materials and revolutionary technologies. This comprises advancements in antimicrobials that not only foster eco-friendly product designs, but also cater to increasing consumer concerns about cleanliness.

Silvertize® antimicrobial solutions operate incessantly to avert the degradation of materials, visual discoloration, and unpleasant odors, which could otherwise compromise product performance. Furthermore, integrated antimicrobials actively contribute to regular cleaning practices by ensuring the cleanliness of products. This yields a myriad of advantages for consumers and manufacturers alike.

The employee-owners at Silvertize® take pride in our past accomplishments and are enthusiastic about our future prospects. We envision a world where inventive antimicrobial product protection offers enduring protection, contributing to superior surface cleanliness and an extended product lifespan. In this world, odor control technologies improve the user's experience and limit environmental damage, while superior cleaning and disinfection solutions redefine the concept of cleanliness in residential, professional, and healthcare settings.

Innovation is the cornerstone and driving force of Silvertize®. We will persist in investing in the creation of pioneering technologies and fulfilling our mission to tackle real-world challenges through the potency of our trusted brands.

Silvertize Products

Bacteria possess the ability to survive on surfaces anywhere from several hours up to several days. Indeed, in perfect conditions, bacteria can proliferate and double every 20 minutes! Silvertize®, Agrocide® and Fruggie Wash® safeguards surfaces against bacterial spread and growth, maintaining this protection even with repeated touches.