It Cleans and Disinfects

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Fruit & Vegetable Wash

Now more than ever, we understand the importance of not only washing our hands but also thoroughly cleaning our fruits and vegetables.

Stop Rinsing. Start Cleaning!

In our new normal, it is our responsibility to ensure that all produce we handle is properly cleaned, not merely rinsed, to safeguard our families against various contaminants.

Simply washing with water is inadequate. Fruggie Wash is uniquely formulated with nano particles of silver-derived, non-GMO ingredients to effectively and safely clean produce.

It allows for the easy removal of dirt, virus, bacteria, fungus and residues from handling.

Moreover, it rinses off completely, leaving no aftertaste, just the fresh, natural flavors of your fruits and vegetables.

Using Fruggie Wash ensures that the produce consumed by your family is genuinely clean and safe.

Why We Should Clean Our Fruits & Vegetables—Every Time!

Regardless of whether your produce grows on the ground or on trees, it can be exposed to contaminants from the soil and air. Germs that resist washing away in rain are commonly applied, and organic farms, which avoid these chemicals, may be situated close to conventional farms that use them. Consequently, germs can drift from one farm to another due to wind and rain.

By the time fruits and vegetables reach the store shelf, they could have been handled by 10-15 different people, each potentially leaving behind residues of germs.

Furthermore, produce often receives a coating of wax before it is sold. This wax not only enhances appearance and longevity but also traps contaminants, including harmful bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria, underneath and within it.

To ensure your family enjoys fresh, clean, and healthy produce, simply rinsing with tap water isn't sufficient. The water-resistant wax encapsulates these contaminants, necessitating a more effective cleaning method to ensure safety.

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