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Advanced Nano Silver Technology

Introducing the world's first travel hygiene kit infused with the highest concentration of Colloidal Silver at 20,000 PPM. Engineered for ultimate safety, stability, and efficiency. Your perfect travel companion to guard against contamination and enhance immune health.
tcksilver 5ml bottle


  • Number One in the World - 20,000 PPM, Effortless Dilution & Transportation (5ml, 15ml, 30ml).
  • Enhanced Particle Safety - Dependable, No Agglomeration, Free from Bodily Retention
  • Unmatched Stability - Consistently Stable in All Water-Based Solutions, Regardless of Duration

travel clean wet towels

Wet Towels

infused with anti germ
silver nano particles
Bandages are lined with silver to promote faster wound healing

travel clean lip balm

Lip Balm

infused with anti germ
silver nano particles
Lips Care lip lines, peeling lips, Moisturizing Aloe Vera Coconut Oil Vitamin C Natural Lip Balm

travel clean

Spray Sanitizer

infused with anti germ
silver nano particles
Bandages are lined with silver to promote faster wound healing

travel clean gel

Gel Sanitizer

infused with anti germ
silver nano particles
Bandages are lined with silver to promote faster wound healing


Paper Soap

infused with anti germ
silver nano particles
Bandages are lined with silver to promote faster wound healing


Band Aids

infused with anti germ
silver nano particles
Bandages are lined with silver to promote faster wound healing

travel bag red

Travel Light Bag

ultra light, water proof
TSA approved

travel bag yellow

Travel Light Bag

ultra light, water proof
TSA approved

travel bag blue

Travel Light Bag

ultra light, water proof
TSA approved
travel clean kit


Silver Ion Technology

Few realize the pivotal role colloidal silver once played in medical practices, it was essential in medicine for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It was widely used long before antibiotics and chemical-based synthetic germ-fighting agents were invented.

Yet, the characteristics of silver vary with its form and the dimensions of its particles. For example, silver nitrate has a tendency to build up in the body, potentially causing harm.

Before the turn of the 20th century, medical pioneers recognized that silver's most potent antibacterial effects were harnessed in its colloidal state. It was from this knowledge that Silvertize Colloidal Silver was developed, marrying observation with ancient wisdom.

Innovating for travelers

safe and sustainable

TravelClean Kit innovates to meet the latest consumer trends and, with an increasing interest in cleanliness,

Silvertize allows the TravelClean Kit to respond to this need. Ed explained: “There are many travelers who really want antimicrobial products, directly in response to the demand for consumers. The travel marketplace knows what it is, and what it does, and tells us that it’s necessary in many products now. Since the start of the pandemic, Colloidal Silver technology has become more recognizable on retail shelves, so consumer interest is really high.”

Practical and Easy to Carry While Traveling 5ml dropper

Silvertize® may help with the following:

  • Neutralizes viruses, fungus, yeast, and mold
  • Supports healthy bacteria for a robust gut microbiome
  • Defends against common pathogens
    PRO-TIP: Take Silvertize 24 hours before departure for enhanced immune system defense.

Silvertize® acts as a powerful shield for your immune system. Because our colloidal silver is bio available, it is non-reactive and side-effect-free. It also has the highest PPM (parts per million) of any silver available, containing 240 ppm in one single drop.

Add 1-5 drops to 8oz of water once a day for as long as needed.*

For compromised immune systems and times of illness: take 3-5 drops in a glass of water once a day for as long as needed.

Pregnant or nursing mothers: our coated silver is non-reactive and much safer than uncoated colloidal and ionic silver. Please consult with a licensed physician for proper protocols.

Silvertize 5mL Dropper

At Silvertize, our vision is to become the most reliable and trusted brand when it comes to achieving unparalleled cleanliness and ensuring product protection.


Silvertize® is driven by the mission to revolutionize cleanliness standards for products and surfaces. As the foremost authority in antimicrobial solutions, odor control, and continuously active surface disinfection and sanitization technologies, we are dedicated to tackling the prevalent issue of microbial growth that deteriorates products and causes unpleasant odors.

Through our innovative approach, we are transforming the way cleanliness is achieved and maintained.

How does Silvertize work?
Silvertize® operates by interrupting enzymes, obstructing metabolic pathways, and establishing an inhospitable environment for fungal growth. Incorporating Silvertize into your products will effectively safeguard against fungal attacks, preventing issues such as staining and loss of mechanical strength or flexibility.
Which products can benefit from Silvertize?
Silvertize® is highly recommended for diverse applications across various industries, including roofing membranes, car seating, decking, mattresses, laminate vinyl flooring (LVT), wallcoverings, upholstery, and awnings.

Untreated surface vs. Silvertize treated surface


Mold growth poses a widespread challenge for building materials on a global scale, with PVC being especially susceptible in the construction industry.

Traditionally, the use of OBPA, an organoarsenic fungicide, has been employed to inhibit mold growth on PVC products.

However, due to its significant toxicity, regulatory concerns have arisen in multiple regions, including the EU, resulting in the ban of this substance.

What people are saying

People appreciate that Silvertize not only effectively prevents staining and damage caused by fungi but also preserves the strength and flexibility of the treated materials
“Silvertize has truly revolutionized cleanliness and protection for products and surfaces. Their Silvertize technology effectively disrupts the growth of fungi, preventing staining and maintaining the mechanical strength of materials. It's a game-changer for industries that struggle with mold problems.
Pan TerranceCentury21
As a contractor in the construction industry, I have seen the damaging effects of mold on PVC materials firsthand. Silvertize's protection offers a reliable solution without relying on toxic fungicides. It's reassuring to know that there are safer alternatives available to protect against mold growth.
Niki PlumleeNP Architects
I've been using Silvertize on various applications, and it has exceeded my expectations. Not only does it effectively prevent mold growth, but it also maintains the integrity and flexibility of the treated products. Silvertize has definitely earned my trust as a leader in product protection.
Carolina BeasleyRealtor
Say goodbye to the worries of mold and fungal attacks with protection from Silvertize This advanced technology creates an environment where fungi cannot thrive, ensuring long-lasting protection and preserving the appearance and strength of your products. It's a must-have for anyone concerned about mold-related issues.
Jeannette MillerGM Contractors
After searching for a solution to combat mold growth on PVC materials, I came across Silvertize and their silver technology. It's incredible how effective it is in preventing staining and preserving the quality of the materials. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable and safe mold prevention solution.
Peter DillardPete Renovations
Silvertize's protection is a game-changer for the industry. The fact that it addresses the issue of mold growth without the use of toxic fungicides is a huge plus. I feel confident using their products, knowing that I'm providing my clients with a safer and more durable solution for their needs.
Sue McCleinHouston Designs